Sell My Car to an Asbury Dealership

Looking to sell your car?

Most people want to know how much their car is worth, and ultimately where they stand when asking the age old question, "Where can I sell my car and how much is it worth?".

Generally, there are two best ways to find out how much your car is worth:

  1. Fill out the Sell Us Your Car survey on this page, and receive a true estimate of how much your car is worth. Without actually seeing the vehicle, it's of course an estimate, but it will give you piece of mind as you're looking to get top dollar for the vehicle you're selling.
  2. Come directly to one of our many retail locations, and speak to a manager who will give you a fair and reasonable price for your car. Filling out the survey above will help you save some time at the dealership by filling out your vehicles information well in advance. We will still need to walk-around your car, but it will save time on all that paperwork we love!

How Asbury appraisals are different:

At Asbury, we use nationwide software that allows us sometimes to buy cars for more money since we work across multiple states and geographies. Rather than selling your car through a private party or on Craigslist, you could save yourself a lot of time and effort by starting your selling process with us.

If this sounds reasonable to you, please give us a shot at your business today, and let one of our amazing customer service folks help you sell your car, and potentially get you into a new model.