2018 Cadillac ATS-V vs. 2018 Maserati GranTurismo

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For enhanced safety, the Cadillac ATS-V’s rear seat shoulder belts have child comfort guides to move the belt to properly fit children. A better fit can prevent injuries and the increased comfort also encourages children to buckle up. The Maserati GranTurismo doesn’t offer comfort guides on its rear seat belts.

The ATS-V offers an optional collision warning system, which detects an impending crash through forward mounted sensors and flashes a bright light and sounds a loud, distinctive tone to warn the driver to brake or maneuver immediately to avoid a collision. The system also pre-charges the brakes to begin deceleration more quickly. The GranTurismo doesn't offer a collision warning system.

The ATS-V’s optional lane departure warning system alerts a temporarily inattentive driver when the vehicle begins to leave its lane and gently nudges the vehicle back towards its lane. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a lane departure warning system.

The ATS-V’s optional blind spot warning system uses digital cameras monitored by computer to alert the driver to moving objects in the vehicle’s blind spots where the side view mirrors don’t reveal them. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a system to reveal objects in the driver’s blind spots.

To help make backing safer, the ATS-V’s optional cross-path warning system uses wide-angle radar in the rear bumper to alert the driver to vehicles approaching from the side, helping the driver avoid collisions. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a cross-path warning system.

The ATS-V has standard OnStar®, which uses a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver and a cellular system to get turn-by-turn driving directions, remotely unlock your doors if you lock your keys in, help track down your vehicle if it’s stolen or send emergency personnel to the scene if any airbags deploy. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a GPS response system, only a navigation computer with no live response for emergencies, so if you’re involved in an accident and you’re incapacitated help may not come as quickly.

Both the ATS-V and the GranTurismo have standard driver and passenger frontal airbags, front side-impact airbags, side-impact head airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners, four-wheel antilock brakes, traction control, electronic stability systems to prevent skidding, daytime running lights and front and rear parking sensors.


Cadillac’s powertrain warranty covers the ATS-V 2 years and 20,000 miles longer than Maserati covers the GranTurismo. Any repair needed on the engine, transmission, axles, joints or driveshafts is fully covered for 6 years or 70,000 miles. Coverage on the GranTurismo ends after only 4 years or 50,000 miles.

The ATS-V’s corrosion warranty is 2 years and unlimited miles longer than the GranTurismo’s (6/unlimited vs. 4/50,000).

Cadillac pays for scheduled maintenance on the ATS-V for 3 years and 36,000 miles. Cadillac will pay for oil changes, lubrication and any other required maintenance. Maserati doesn’t pay scheduled maintenance for the GranTurismo.

There are almost 9 times as many Cadillac dealers as there are Maserati dealers, which makes it much easier should you ever need service under the ATS-V’s warranty.


The ATS-V’s 3.6 turbo V6 produces 10 more horsepower (464 vs. 454) and 61 lbs.-ft. more torque (445 vs. 384) than the GranTurismo’s 4.7 DOHC V8.

Fuel Economy and Range

On the EPA test cycle the ATS-V Auto gets better fuel mileage than the GranTurismo (17 city/25 hwy vs. 13 city/21 hwy).


An eight-speed automatic is optional on the Cadillac ATS-V, for better acceleration and lower engine speed on the highway. Only a six-speed automatic is available for the GranTurismo.

The ATS-V’s launch control uses engine electronics to hold engine RPM’s precisely in order to provide the most stable and rapid acceleration possible, using all of the available traction. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer launch control.

Brakes and Stopping

For better stopping power the ATS-V’s brake rotors are larger than those on the GranTurismo:




Front Rotors

14.5 inches

14.2 inches

Rear Rotors

13.3 inches

13 inches

Tires and Wheels

For better traction, the ATS-V has larger front tires than the GranTurismo (255/35R18 vs. 245/35R20).


The Cadillac ATS-V may be more efficient, handle and accelerate better because it weighs about 350 pounds less than the Maserati GranTurismo.

The ATS-V Coupe is 8.6 inches shorter than the GranTurismo, making the ATS-V easier to handle, maneuver and park in tight spaces.

The ATS-V uses computer-generated active noise cancellation to help remove annoying noise and vibration from the passenger compartment, especially at low frequencies. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer active noise cancellation.

Passenger Space

The ATS-V Sedan has standard seating for 5 passengers; the GranTurismo can only carry 4.

The ATS-V Sedan has 4.9 cubic feet more passenger volume than the GranTurismo (90.9 vs. 86).

The ATS-V Coupe has .6 inches more front legroom, .8 inches more rear headroom and 3.4 inches more rear legroom than the GranTurismo.

Cargo Capacity

The ATS-V has a much larger trunk than the GranTurismo (10.4 vs. 6.1 cubic feet).

The ATS-V’s optional rear seats fold to accommodate long and bulky cargo. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer folding rear seats.


The ATS-V Automatic has a standard remote vehicle starting system, so the vehicle can be started from inside the driver's house. This allows the driver to comfortably warm up the engine before going out to the vehicle. The climate system will also automatically heat or cool the interior. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a remote starting system.

The ATS-V offers an optional heads-up display that projects speed and other key instrumentation readouts in front of the driver’s line of sight, allowing drivers to view information without diverting their eyes from the road. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a heads-up display.

The ATS-V’s standard front power windows open or close with one touch of the switches, making it more convenient at drive-up windows and toll booths, or when talking with someone outside of the car. The GranTurismo’s front passenger window doesn’t close automatically.

Keyless Access standard on the ATS-V allows you to unlock the doors, trunk and start the engine all without removing a key from pocket or purse. This eliminates searching for keys before loading groceries, getting in the vehicle in bad weather or making a hurried start to your trip. The Maserati GranTurismo doesn’t offer an advanced key system.

While driving with high beams on, sensitive light sensors available for the ATS-V detect other vehicles which could be blinded and automatically switch to low beams. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer automatic dimming high beams.

To shield the driver and front passenger’s vision over a larger portion of the windshield and side windows, the ATS-V has standard extendable sun visors. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer extendable visors.

The ATS-V’s standard steering wheel mounted cruise control is close at hand. The GranTurismo’s standard cruise control is on an over-crowded turn signal stalk.

The ATS-V offers an optional 115-volt a/c outlet on the center console, allowing you to recharge a laptop or run small household appliances without special adapters that can break or get misplaced. The GranTurismo doesn’t offer a house-current electrical outlet.


A group of representative automotive journalists from North America selected the ATS as the 2013 North American Car of the Year. The GranTurismo has never been chosen.

The Cadillac ATS outsold the Maserati GranTurismo by almost 13 to one during 2017.

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